Pro Tips & OPI Product Usage

Product Usage & OPI Pro Tips

Get pro tips from OPI Pros themselves on how to properly use various implements and OPI product systems, learn when to e-file vs. hand file and more.

OPI Product Usage

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Pro Tips
Get pro tips on fixing a broken nail, capping the free edge, and troubleshoot common nail problems with help from OPI Pros.
Pro Tip 29: Reduce Waste with OPI Powder Perfection
Reduce Powder Perfection Product Waste
Pro Tip 28 Create Extensions using Powder Perfection
Create Powder Perfection Nail Extensions
OPI Pro Tips for Synthetic vs. Natural Bristles
Synthetic vs. Natural Bristles
OPI Pro Tips for Proper Manicure Posture
Proper Manicure Posture
OPI Pro Tips for when to E-File vs. Hand File
When to E-File vs. Hand File
OPI Pro Tips Checking Client's Cuticles
Checking Client's Cuticles
Pro Tips for Keeping Your Work Area Clean
Keeping Your Work Area Clean
Pro Tips Proper Manicure Tabletop Set Up
Manicure Tabletop Set Up
OPI Pro Tips for Pro Tools Different Implements
Pro Tools: Different Implements
OPI Pro Tips Avoid Reshaping
Avoid Reshaping
OPI Pro Tips Files, Buffers, and Grits
Pro Tools: Files, Buffers & Grits
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